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2017 Model Types of Chair Elevators

The loss of mobility can be very devastating especially if one is used to doing everything for themselves. Sometimes it will happen gradually as is the case with age, but sometimes it will be sudden as is the case with injury. Whichever the case when it does happen, one is faced with the need to make their living and working space more accessible. This means providing a way for them to get up and downstairs while still using their wheelchair. Luckily, there exist wheelchair lifts just for this purpose, and with the right knowledge, one can purchase the right one for their premises. For the right decision to be made however, one must know what is available on the market to aid in the making of this ruling. Below are a few of the most common types of wheel chair lifts that are available on the market.

Straight Stairs Chairlift

This type of chair lift is usually the best suited for homes as well as small offices. It will usually come with a seat that the user can sit on as they are transported from floor to floor. This will usually be the least expensive. It is also best suited for people who are still capable of walking on flat terrain but for some reason are not capable of using the stairs. The main disadvantage of this type is that it requires a wheelchair on each floor as well as the fact that one will need to get from the wheelchair onto the lift and then off it and onto the wheelchair on reaching their destination which can be somewhat strenuous.

Curved Stairs Chairlift

It is more or less the same as the vertical stair chair lift only that it is suited for use with curved staircases. Being similar to the vertical stair chair lift means that it has similar limitations as far as getting on and off are concerned. It is, therefore, best suited for people who can afford to have a wheelchair on each floor.

Vertical Platform Lift

This type of lift will consist of a metal platform as well as a set of vertical rails where the platform is attached. The main advantage of this type of lift is that it eliminates the need for the separate wheelchairs on each floor and thus helps to cut costs. This makes it suitable for both homes as well as public buildings. The main disadvantage to this type of chair lift, however, is that it will need additional space to be installed which may not always be easy to find.

Inclined Platform Lift

This type is somewhat similar to the vertical wheelchair lift in that it consists of a platform mounted on rails. The rails are however installed in an inclined orientation at the sides of the staircase. This helps to cut down on the need for extra space for mounting. The only requirement is that the stairs leave enough room for the wheelchair platform.